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About the Company

The Integral Services Group is a premium facilities maintenance company that use their extensive knowledge and experience with the hospitality industry to delivers customizable programs from housekeeping, cleaning and best in class surface protection. Through its division Integral Hospitality, it’s able to provide specialized programs specific to hotels, motels, restaurants, and bars. Their team of experts have a deep-rooted understanding of the industry and the specific challenges and needs that hospitality requires so regardless of your needs; they will find a solution to match.  

Integral Surface Protection Program

The ISP Program is a chemical-free, spray-on antimicrobial agent that protects all surfaces in your hotel 24/7. The ISP Program uses AEGIS® Microbe Shield, which has been approved by Health Canada since 1979 as a durable antimicrobial. A single application provides a full year of surface protection and will enhance your current cleaning and disinfection regimen — enabling you to achieve a new level of clean that is scientifically proven to provide results.

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  • ISP Program cost discount of 10%
  • Complimentary case study for your property (systematic site testing to monitor and track performance of ISP Program at your property)
  • Full year of marketing collateral support (digital and on-site assets promoting ISP at your property)
  • Ongoing customer support

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Outsourced Housekeeping

Employ a third party to look after your housekeeping needs, from delivering trained staff to providing the equipment and cleaning products and enjoy the benefits of better management prioritization, cost savings and staffing flexibility. The Integral Services Group Team is well versed in moving their model around based on client needs so you are guaranteed to always get a service that suits your business needs.

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Cleaning Services

Integral Services Group offer a full suite of cleaning services that are customizable meaning you can design a plan that fits your exact needs. Recognizing that each building is different with unique requirements, the team have options for your facility regardless of the furnishing, whether it be carpet or tile, the season, whether it’s sun or snow, or the time of day you need someone in.

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