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ORHMA Merchant Services Program 
Significant Savings From ALL Major Processing Companies

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Receive personalized reports presenting multiple processing fees from all major credit card processing providers. Make the choice that best fits your business with savings through your ORHMA membership. 

Today's challenges demand a new approach to reach success 
Through our advocating, ORHMA has recognized opportunities to reduce credit card processing fees from the financial sector that includes credit card and processing companies. 

We are harnessing our leverage and have developed a unique model made up of a team of experts that have shown proves success in reducing processing fees. 


ORHMA is a founding partner of a small business coalition made up of 97,000 businesses across Canada and has signed up on a class action suit against VISA and MasterCard. All coalition members, including ORHMA members, are now entitled to close to $23 billion in refunds due to overcharges.