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ORHMA Ottawa Region

A Message from the Ottawa Regional Chairman

Welcome to the ORHMA and the Ottawa Regional Chapter of the ORHMA.  We have a dedicated Board of Directors which works to serve our members’ interests. Membership on the board provides a unique insight into key issues and developments affecting the hospitality industry and the ability to affect the outcome, not just for your operations, but for those of all members. We invite you to sit in on one of our meetings and consider participating on a committee, or to become a member of our Board of Directors. Doing so doesn’t take more than a few hours per meeting and we meet approximately 6 times per year. Committee participation opportunities exist in both standing committees and those which become established for specific issues, and offer our members a way to participate in industry policy approaches and efforts based on specific interests and time availability. This can offer a fantastic opportunity to assist in the professional career development of key managers in your operations. 

We ask all members who are in the Ottawa Region to pay special attention to “Requests for action” and “Members Surveys” that come out during the course of the year. They represent important items where we need your help in determining direction and influence decision and policy making. 

If you have any questions or concerns that you are facing, please do not hesitate to contact me via email at

Yours in hospitality,

Sarah Chown
ORHMA Ottawa Regional Chair