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   Hydro Vaults and Restaurant Waste Don't Mix
Toronto Hydro is noticing an increase in maintenance needed on underground vaults, which are located below ground and typically covered by a grated fixture. Underground vaults contain a mixture of cables and electrical equipment, which supply electricity to the surrounding areas. 

With over 1000 underground vaults in the downtown core, local businesses are likely to operate near some of Toronto Hydro’s more important assets, which help to power the City of Toronto. 

Whether these vaults are customer or utility-owned, they require regular maintenance and upkeep to ensure they continue functioning properly.  If you own or operate a business that’s near a grated vault, it’s important that you take the proper precautions to ensure the safety of the public and the hydro crews responsible for their maintenance. 

It’s important that you and your staff know: 
  • Never dump or throw anything into the grates. There are no exit points for debris to exit the vault. Anything that’s dumped has to be cleaned out manually. Food waste like grease or garbage should never be dumped or left near these vaults. 
  • Avoid putting patios and outdoor equipment on top of these vaults. Having patios on these grates can be a potential safety hazard and also increases the quantity of debris that enters the vault. 

Keeping these vaults clean helps protect the health and safety of our employees as well as the local area where you conduct business. A cleaner city is healthy for all of us. For more information about vault maintenance, visit

In an energy-intensive industry like hospitality, improving your efficiency can help you cut costs and reduce overhead while keeping guests comfortable.

Toronto customers: get incentives for energy-efficient upgrades 
Toronto Hydro’s Energy Experts can help you identify your savings opportunities and take advantage of available incentives. Contact your hospitality expert Ammart Al-Tahar at 416.542.2976 or

   LIGHTING - Cut lighting costs by 75%
Lighting in restaurants and hotels is often on for most of the day – so electricity costs can add up. Upgrade to save – with incentives, payback can be just months. The new lighting can also enhance ambience and help keep workers and guests safe.

  • Switch to LEDs to reduce electricity use up to 75%. Incentives pay up to 50% of energy-efficient upgrades! Learn more >>
  • Small business? Get up to $1,500 in FREE lighting upgrades. Includes free installation by a licenced electrical contractor. Call 416.599.9210 for your free assessment.
  • Don’t pay to light an empty room – install occupancy controls in guest rooms, washrooms, storage rooms, hallways, garages and stairwells to reduce energy use up to 70%! Learn more >>  
  • Switching to LED exit signs can lead to payback in less than two years. 

   AIR CONDITIONING - Get up to $200 back per ton! 
Air conditioning (AC) is critical for guest comfort, but you also want to manage costs. While older AC units may still work, they likely have high operating costs.  
  • Replace older air conditioners with high-efficiency models to cut ongoing energy costs by 10% or more and reduce maintenance costs.  Learn more >>    
  • Unplanned (emergency) replacement? You can replace your unit now and apply for your incentive within 45 days of installation. Learn more >>
  • Install programmable thermostats to further reduce electricity costs – set them to turn the AC down at night and up again in the morning, so you don’t waste energy. 

   REFRIGERATION - Get incentives up to 50% of project costs
For some businesses, refrigeration accounts for up to 90% of all electricity costs. Improve the energy efficiency of your refrigeration system and you can see big savings in your energy costs.  It pays to.


   MOTORS - Count your motors, count your savings
Motors are critical to many systems throughout a building and a prime place to look for cost savings. Look for opportunities in your kitchen, laundry, elevators and parking area.
  • Add Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) to adjust the amount of energy a motor uses based on the load. Incentives pay up to 50% of project costs. Learn more >>    
  • With incentives, adding VFDs to motors can lead to payback as fast as two years – and electricity savings up to 40%.

   VENTILATION - Keep fresh air flowing and costs down
Are you paying to ventilate empty rooms? With Demand Control Ventilation (DCV), fresh air is optimized to match occupancy levels, saving 20-30% electricity. 
  • Consider DCV in kitchens, large meeting areas, lobbies, ballrooms, gyms, etc. 
  • With incentives, payback can be as fast as 12 months. Learn more >>   

   PUMPS - Incentives pay up to 50%  
Pumps power your building’s heating, cooling and domestic water systems. Add variable frequency drives (VFDs) to reduce energy use and maintenance costs – incentives pay up to 50% of project costs. Learn more >>    
  • Adjust oversized hydronic and domestic water booster pumps for electricity savings of up to 50%.   
  • Multi-storey buildings, such as hotels, that require water on all floors, offer the greatest returns. 

Ensure energy efficiency is part of your project from day one.  
  • Incentives to building owners and design decision-makers (architects, engineers, consultants, etc.) to build beyond Ontario Building Code requirements.
Get up to $10,000 for modelling costs and $800 for every kW saved.