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Member Services offers a custom Employee Satisfaction Survey

Surveying your workers can be very beneficial as you seek to manage your workers - especially during so much uncertainty.  ORHMA is pleased to offer members four (4) Employee Satisfaction Survey choices: 

1. A FREE TRIAL survey – you can preview the questions that are presented to your employees prior to the survey launch. CLICK this link Registration For Free Trial Survey (

2. A PREMIUM survey  - this survey includes a number of important COVID-19 related questions
and moreIt also provides a very helpful feature that allows users to compare findings agaisnt HR/IR aggregate data as well as a user's various departments and branches.  There is a cost of $5 per employee surveyed for this survey.  For this survey, click the Free Trial link above to regisrer, then choose "Switch to PREMIUM".  

A CUSTOM ORHMA survey – this survey is customized with questions for the Hospitality industry. The cost for this survey is $5 per employee, click this link to understake our hospitality oriented survey:

A CUSTOM survey – this survey can be customized with added questions for any large organization. The cost for this survey is $5 per employee plus a $150 setup fee.  Email

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Pandemic Survey
Employee Strategies for 2021

Organizations that regularly survey their workforce, know the merits of finding out what their employees really think when they know they are protected by anonymity.

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a very uncertain business environment and has made it difficult to formulate workforce strategies for 2021 and beyond.  Retaining good employees during uncertain business prospects and determining effective hiring practices going forward has become a bit of a shot-in-the-dark exercise.

Our Pandemic Survey provides hard data and scores what your employees think about how well your organization has performed.  The findings give clear clues about what you should factor into your employee strategies going forward.

Register for the survey today - at $5 per employee it could prove to be one of your best investment decisions in 2021. For more information, please email