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Member Services offers a custom Employee Satisfaction Survey

ORHMA’s Employee Satisfaction Survey [OESS] provides members a valuable proactive management tool.

An OESS survey provides insights and guidance, but your organization will only improve and benefit when change is embraced. OESS is a cost-effective tool that helps your organization:

  • Identify potential human resources related issues before they become costly issues
  • Guide management decision-making
  • Establish a more effective and satisfied workforce, happier customers, and greater profitability

ORHMA has partnered with a leading employee surveying company to provide members a custom survey that helps get at the heart of hospitality related human resource management issues. OESS provides members immediate results that can be viewed on-line (password protected), analysed, and compared throughout the year. Information can be compared with results year-to-year, or compared against aggregate data based upon size, branch, region, industry (NAICS), and question-by-question.

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Check the Vital signs of your Organization with an Employee Satisfaction Survey

Sample question:

Q. I feel that the work I do directly impacts the success of my organization.

Would you be concerned if 20% or more of your employees disagreed to the statement above?

ORHMA’s survey has been tailored with statements that focus on employee insights that are important to the hospitality industry employers. Surveys can be expanded to meet the requirements of individual ORHMA members.

Ten Reasons to Conduct ORHMA’s Employee Satisfaction Survey

  1. Since Payroll is your largest cost centre - it’s best to know what your employees truly think;
  2. Your employees provide your face to your customers – so what they think impacts your bottom line. Monitoring and improving employee satisfaction tends to improve profitability;
  3. A survey helps you construct proactive strategies to attract and retain staff;
  4. It will help you measure the performance and effectiveness of supervisors and managers;
  5. It’s a great measurement that helps guide incentive and bonus plans;
  6. Comparing your operational departments and various locations in helps to assess weaknesses;
  7. Your employees will respect that you care and are progressive - if mutual respect is an organizational value, a survey will strongly support it;
  8. Repeated surveying helps you monitor, prioritize, and compare initiatives and organizational changes over time.
  9. The survey reporting provides invaluable perspective by letting you compare your findings question-by-question against the aggregate findings from all ORHMA members.
  10. Our ORHMA Employee Satisfaction Survey will provide our association valuable aggregate data about the labour force of the hospitality sector. This information will help us focus efforts and plan initiatives that will benefit the hospitality industry in Ontario and beyond.

Note: Password protected access to OESS survey results are available on-line only for your designated “Reviewer” throughout the whole year.

The ORHMA Employee Satisfaction Survey gives our membership valuable insight regarding their workforce through the anonymously given opinions of their employees.

All responses are provided anonymously!

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