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Board of Directors Nominations

Directors have an important role in setting policy for the Association. You are required to participate in the three regularly scheduled meetings of the Association throughout the year. In addition, you may be asked to sit on committees or task forces as the need arises. All nominations will be reviewed by the Nominating Committee prior to presentation to the membership at the Annual General Meeting.

Nominations for the Board of Directors are being accepted for the following one-year positions: The Board of Directors: (12) members representing the Restaurant Sector and (6) members representing the Accommodation Sector, Immediate Past Chairperson (1), Chairperson (1), 1st Vice-Chair (1), and Secretary-Treasurer (1).


In addition, every active region may appoint a maximum of (2) Directors, one from the Accommodation Sector and one from the Restaurant Sector. At no time will either sector, restaurant or accommodation represent less than 25% of the Board. The Board may, at its discretion appoint up to (4) Directors at Large. 

As set by ORHMA Bylaw #2, “Every Director must be at least (18) years of age and be a member of the Corporation, or shall become a member of the Corporation within ten (10) days after election or appointment as a Director and no undischarged bankrupt shall become a Director. A Director representing the Restaurant Sector as herein provided must be or have been primarily engaged in the restaurant industry and a Director representing the Accommodation Sector as herein provided must be or have been primarily
engaged in the accommodation industry.”

2023/2024 Nomination Forms

Nominations for our 2023/2024 Board year are now OPEN.  Our nominations committee will determine the final slate of directors that will be presented at this year's Annual General Meeting. Date for our 2023 AGM is to be determined. 

New Nominations 

If you wish to participate as a Board of Director for the first time for 2023/2024.

Regional Directors

If you wish to participate as a regional board of director in your local ORHMA chapter.

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