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FindWRK flips the traditional recruitment process on its head. FindWRK allows job seekers to build a detailed profile. Instead of employers posting opportunities and hoping for qualified applications, they can search and filter worker profiles and reach out proactively, finding workers more efficiently and creating human connections immediately. 

About FindWRK

FindWRK helps companies hire workers faster. The platform provides access to an easy-to-search pool of job-seekers who have the right skills, experience, and certifications for your business. ​

No job posting needed. Search for workers based on your job criteria, ping a shortlist of candidates to gauge interest, and connect with mutually interested candidates immediately. 


  • Run detailed searches, view candidate profiles, and ping a shortlist to confirm interest, all free of charge. 

  • Once you find a mutual fit, you use FindWRK credits to unlock the candidate’s contact information.

  • As an ORHMA member, we’ll provide a 50% credit bonus for all purchases. You pay for these credits as you go with no account fees or commitment. Typical employers will use ~5 credits per vacancy, amounting to a cost per hire of ~$25-35 with your  ORHMA member benefit.

FindWRK's Picture of the Hourly Workforce Report

Understanding what job seekers want is the key to mastering hourly talent attraction and retention. FindWRK's Picture of the Hourly Workforce report highlights data-driven insights directly from job seekers.

Get Started: 

Information for Job Seekers:  

Get discovered by employers now. Visit the FindWRK job seeker portal. 

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