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Employee Group Benefits 

Group health, dental, disability protection and retirement plans designed for the hospitality industry.

  • Monthly billings to each employer division 

  • Premium pooling and remittance to insurer 

  • Direct/confidential claims submission by employees 

  • Benefit enrollment and record keeping  

Tax Effective 

Our group insurance plan is very tax effective. Company premiums are tax deductible, including RST, and are not included in the employees taxable income, except for life premiums. If the employee pays all of the premium for disability benefits that income is tax free while the employee is claiming benefits. All other claim payments are received tax free. Because of our high-quality administration, we eliminate much of the paperwork associated with providing benefits to employees.


Hospitality employers may participate in the program with a minimum eligibility of full-time management employees, who are owners, managers or department heads. Member employers may also choose to insure fulltime
employees who have completed six months service. Management and employees must work an average of 25 hours per week to become eligible.

Benefit Options

2-500 Employees


  • Group life and accidental death

  • Dependent life insurance

  • Long-term disability income protection

  • Customized employee booklets

  • Toll free claims inquiries 1-800-265-1224 


• 80% or 100% coverage
• Current dental fee guide
• Routine dental services
• $1,000 annual maximum


• 80% or 100% coverage
• Prescription drug card
• Semi-private hospital room
• Paramedical treatments & Vision care
• Employee wellness assistance plans
• Out-of Canada emergency health coverage


Member companies may choose to custom design a program to fit their specific needs. We can match coverage or add new benefits. Tailored programs are experience rated for each employer.


Our group RRSP provides the convenience of payroll deduction combined with income tax deduction at source which allows the government tax dollars to be contributed into your RRSP on a
monthly basis.


We comply with all provincial and federal Privacy and Personal Protection and Electronic Documents (PIPEDA) legislation. Our privacy code ensures that policies and procedures are in place
to protect the privacy of personal information in the course of conducting business.

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