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HR Training Programs

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Here you will find a list of HR training programs offered by  Franklin Covey. Members of ORHMA receive a 10% discount to any of the following courses by using the code ORHMA10 at registration. 

7 Habits Essentials 


This course is a step-by-step guide to the principles, tools, and applied human behavior of each of Stephen R. Covey’s, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

In Lesson 1, you will learn Habits 1-3, which focus on your Private Victory: starting to create a vision for your life while implementing the best tools and practices to accomplish your desired outcomes.

In Lesson 2, you will start with Habits 4-6, learning about your Public Victory, where you will focus on how to be a skilled communicator and more effective in your relationships with others. All these habits combined lead into Habit 7, where you will discover the importance of self-renewal to create balance in both your personal and professional life.

Change:  How to Turn Uncertainty into Opportunity 


Change happens all the time, whether we choose it or it chooses us.

Yet, when faced with change, many organizations primarily focus on the process. Successful change takes more than that—it’s your people who make change happen. And as people, we’re wired to react to change to survive, which can make change feel difficult or threatening. Successful leaders engage their people in change, making it feel less uncertain and more like an opportunity.


When we recognize that change follows a predictable pattern, we can learn to manage our reactions and understand how to navigate change, both functionally and emotionally. This allows us to consciously determine how to best move forward—even in the most challenging stages. Change: How to Turn Uncertainty Into Opportunity helps individuals and leaders learn how to successfully navigate any workplace change to improve results.

Time Management Essentials


The barrage of information coming at us, coupled with the demands of our professional and personal lives, often creates a feeling of being buried alive. This overwhelming volume of information threatens our ability to think clearly and decide what’s important. As a result, we frequently fail to accomplish the priorities that matter most in our professional and personal lives.

In Time Management Essentials: Powered by The 5 Choices to Extraordinary Productivity®, you will learn how to increase your ability to achieve your most important outcomes. This process will result in a measurable increase in productivity, a renewed sense of engagement, and a feeling of accomplishment at the end of every day.


In addition to the live-online course, you will receive access to FranklinCovey’s Productivity Tech Teach Module. This On Demand module will help you to apply the entire Q2 Process™ Map introduced in a re-watchable, self-paced format. You will work through five different lessons and a variety of activities as you learn how to “Rule Your Technology.” 

Presentation Advantage


In FranklinCovey’s Presentation Advantage® full-day course, you will learn about the latest neuroscience combined with the mindsets, skillsets, and toolsets you need to consistently deliver highly-successful presentations. 


In this interactive work session, you will learn how to connect to your message, to yourself, and to your audience. 

Project Management Essentials

Many of today’s knowledgeable workers have quietly slipped into the role of the unofficial project manager. Unless they develop basic project management skills, they may not know how to handle various challenges that arise, such as managing expectations, keeping team members engaged and accountable, tracking project progress, and meeting deadlines. The result? High levels of stress and inconsistent results.


With innovation happening more than ever, the new agile project economy requires more and more people across organizations to manage projects successfully. The problem is very few people receive formal training on how to do it. With best practices from agile and waterfall project management, learners will be equipped with the mindset, skillset and toolset to engage team members who may or may not report to them in a way that inspires them to volunteer their best efforts. 

Speed of Trust Foundations

Accelerate performance by building leadership trust in the workplace

Trust is the new currency in today's connected, collaborative world. Contrary to what most people think, creating trust is a learnable skill.

When trust is low, individuals become suspicious of each other, their boss, and of the organization. They guard communication, speculate, and disengage. As a result, productivity grinds to a crawl and costs increase.

When trust is high, communication, creativity, and engagement improve. Productivity speeds up and costs decrease as attention is redirected toward objectives instead of suspicion and frustration.

In the Speed of Trust Foundations work session, individuals learn the language and behaviors that lead to high-trust teams and organizations.

6 Critical Practices for Leading a Team

Leaders at every level make significant impacts on every metric in your business: employee productivity and engagement, customer satisfaction and loyalty, innovation, and financial performance. They are the creators and carriers of culture for their teams and directly influence whether top talent stays or leaves. They are frequently responsible for the quality of the customer experience, and leaders and their teams are the biggest sources of product and process innovation.

The role of every leader has always been tough and today’s realities make the role even tougher. People skills typically account for 80 percent of success in this role. Yet many people are promoted because of their technical capabilities. Both new and experienced leaders can struggle when it comes to excelling at leading teams in today’s workplace.

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