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Loss Prevention Training

It's Good Business

Property and liability insurance continues to be a substantial cost for hotels throughout Canada. After hearing the concerns of our members, we collaborated with other industry stakeholders to create loss prevention and risk management training resources for hotels and restaurants.


Loss prevention training and education for managers is critical to reducing the number and cost of claims, thereby potentially reducing the premiums for property and liability insurance. By implementing these best practices and prioritizing health and safety, hotels and restaurants can also improve staff engagement and guest satisfaction. 

This series will help you prevent incidents that can injure staff or guests, and damage your property, your reputation, and your business. Use these videos:

  • As part of your businesses new employee onboarding and training

  • As a refresher and discussion starter at department meetings

  • As a training resource for your health & safety committee/representative.


As a hospitality business, you know the impacts rising insurance costs can have on your business. This educational series will provide you with important information about how to create and implement a loss prevention strategy.


Why Invest in Loss Prevention? 

  • Protect Your Guests, Your Staff & Your Hotel


Why Report Incidents? 

  • Mitigate Your Liability


Cyber Security

  • Protect Your Data


Property Security 

  • Protect Your Guests & Staff 


Emergency Response Planning

  • Be Prepared by Planning Ahead


Fire Damage Prevention

  • Minimize Loss with a Fire Strategy


Water Damage Prevention

  • Minimize Loss with a Water Strategy


Liquor & Cannabis Liability

  • Know Your Responsibilities

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