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Music Tariffs

With goals of simplifying music licensing for hundreds of thousands of organizations across Canada that benefit from music, and to source and return more earned royalties to Canadian songwriters, composers, publishers, labels and performers, RE:SOUND and SOCAN have created Entandem. 

Organizations that use recorded music are legally required to obtain the applicable RE:SOUND and SOCAN licenses. Organizations that use live music are required to obtain a SOCAN licence.

You might currently be licensed by only one of the organizations due, for example, to lack of awareness or simple oversight.
Entandem enables businesses that use music to complete both licenses at one time, through a single music license, so that rights-holders can be compensated for what they have fairly and legally earned through their work.


ORHMA has been an active advocate on behalf of businesses for a simplified way of adhering to legal requirements of playing music. With Entandem, retailers, restaurants, nightclubs, fitness clubs and myriad other organizations that use music will be able to complete their legally-required licenses in a single transaction.

Recent News Regarding Music Tariffs for 2020 & 2021:  

ORHMA heard your concerns loud and clear regarding SOCAN tariffs during COVID months. On behalf of Ontario's hospitality businesses, ORHMA has been working with SOCAN since April 2022.


SOCAN has recently announced that Tariff 18 - Recorded Music for Dancing (2018-2022) will be reduced by 50% for 2020 and 2021. Businesses may be eligible for an offset in upcoming pay periods.  


If you overpaid royalties in 2020 and 2021, notify SOCAN by October 3, 2022 with the following information:

  • Your information (your name, SOCAN username and address) 

  • Royalties paid in 2019, 2020 and 2021  

  • Royalties that should have been paid to SOCAN in 2020 and 2021 (i.e. 50% of royalties paid in 2019)  

  • Estimated overpayments paid to SOCAN 

Entandem: Music Licensing Simplified

Entandem simplifies licensing for Canadian businesses that use recorded and/or live music to make their business better. Their experienced team of music and licensing professionals administer music licenses for the use of recorded and live music in public settings. These licenses are common to both RE:SOUND and SOCAN

These licenses allow you to use music in public for your customers legally, ethically and responsibly. Songwriters, composers, record companies, music publishers and performing artists have rights under the Copyright Act to be compensated for the use of their music, which is covered by your license. 

These rights holders earn royalties to make a living from their valuable work – the music that your business uses to benefit your customers and improve your bottom line. Not only does music add great value to businesses like yours, an Entandem music license ensures music makers can keep on making great music. 

What is RE:SOUND and SOCAN? 

RE:SOUND is the Canadian not-for-profit music licensing company dedicated to obtaining fair compensation for performing artists and record companies for their performance rights for recorded music. RE:SOUND advocates for music makers and performers, educates music users, licenses businesses and distributes royalties to creators to help build a thriving and sustainable music industry in Canada. RE:SOUND was started in 1997.

SOCAN is a not-for-profit rights management organization that connects more than four-million music creators worldwide and more than a quarter-million businesses and individuals in Canada. Nearly 160,000 songwriters, composers, music publishers and visual artists are its direct members, and more than 100,000 organizations are Licensed To Play music across Canada. In 1990, SOCAN became the name of an organization that started in 1921.

RE:SOUND administers the performance rights of performing artists and record companies in the sound recording. SOCAN administers the performance rights of the composers, authors and their music publishers in the musical work/song. 

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