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Improved Travel Screening for Airport Travellers

The federal government announced this past week that starting this summer, they will gradually launch a verified traveller program (pre approved Nexus and Global Entry travellers) at six major Canadian airports. The move is aimed to reduce travel delays.

“The program will offer eligible travellers an improved screening experience with specific benefits at security screening checkpoints,” said Transport Minister Omar Alghabra at the news conference held at Toronto’s Pearson airport. “This includes being able to take laptops, large electronics, compliant liquids and gels in their carry-on. Verified travellers will also be able to keep their shoes, belt and a light jacket on as they go through the checkpoints.”

When children younger than 17 years of age and seniors older than 75 years of age are on a similar reservation with pre approved travellers, they will be allowed to accompany them through security.

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