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Short Term Rentals - Success in the City of Hamilton

ORHMA welcomes the recent by law introduced in the City of Hamilton. We have been continuing to encourage Ontario cities on the issues presented by short term rentals and the pressures commercialization this sector places on both housing and hotels.

Over the years ORHMA has been meeting and been engaged with City of Hamilton officials on the importance of a regulatory framework and welcomes the latest announcement.

Key prohibitions

  • No person shall operate a Short-Term Rental unless they have obtained a license to do so from the City.

  • No person shall operate a Short-Term Rental unless the Short-Term Rental is that person’s Principal Residence or unless the Short-Term Rental is on the same property as the person’s Principal Residence.

  • No person shall provide or advertise a Short-Term Rental without prominently displaying in each advertisement or listing the Operator’s license number Every Short-Term Rental Broker and Operator is required to maintain commercial insurance

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