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Taxes Resource Library for Ontario Businesses to Know

Obtaining a Business Number - In order to file business taxes and deduct payroll, you need a Business Number (BN). If you don't have one already, learn how you to set up one here.

List of Ontario taxes - Learn about the different taxes that apply in Ontario, including corporations tax.

Harmonized Sales Tax - Learn more about the Harmonized Sales Tax(HST), see what items are subject to a point-of-sale rebate, and claim a rebate.

Employer Health Tax - You may have to pay the Employer Health Tax (EHT) if you have employees. Find out if you have to register for the EHT.

File taxes for free - Manage your tax account, returns, payments, and refunds for free online at ONT-TAXS.

Tax credits and refunds - Explore different Ontario tax credits that your business can claim.

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