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Cannabis in Ontario

Ontario passed legislation that will regulate the lawful use, sale and distribution of recreational cannabis by the federal government's July 2018 legalization deadline. It repeals the Smoke-Free Ontario Act and the Electronic Cigarettes Act, replacing them with a new Smoke-Free Ontario Act. It also amends the Highway Traffic Act regarding driving under the influence of drugs.

Places of Use

Smoking of cannabis (medical and recreational) is prohibited in the same places where the smoking of tobacco is prohibited (e.g. enclosed public places, enclosed workplaces, and other specified places)

The vaping of cannabis would be captured by existing provisions in the Smoke-Free Ontario Act, 2017 that will regulate the use of an electronic cigarette.


All methods of consuming cannabis (e.g. smoking, vaping, ingestion) would be prohibited in vehicles and boats that are being driven or under a person’s care or control, subject to certain exceptions that would be prescribed by regulation (e.g. use of medical cannabis edibles by a passenger who is a medical cannabis user).


Municipalities could pass by-laws further restricting the use of cannabis.  

Cannabis can be smoked or vaped anywhere smoking tobacco is permitted: 

  • Private homes

  • Sidewalks

  • Designated guest rooms in hotels etc.

  • Certain vehicles and boats (e.g. where a motor vehicle is equipped with permanent sleeping and cooking accommodation, is parked and is being used as a residence; where a boat has permanent sleeping, cooking and sanitary facilities, is anchored and is being used as a residence).

  • Controlled areas in long-term care and retirement homes, psychiatric facilities, hospices and some supportive housing 

Where cannabis is NOT permitted: 

  • Private residences where people work, such as long-term care homes

  • Vehicles and boats

  • Indoor common areas in condos, apartments and student residences

  • Schools, child care centres, playgrounds and recreation centres, public sports fields

  • Non-controlled areas of hospitals, psychiatric facilities, long-term care homes, and within 9 metres of entrances

  • Restaurants, patios, bus shelters

Cannabis Use in Hospitality

Cannabis Use in Hotel Guest Rooms 

The Cannabis Act, 2017 and its supporting regulations, will permit registered guests or invited guests of registered guests to use recreational cannabis in a hotel, motel or inn room, provided the room is primarily designated as a sleeping accommodation and the cannabis is not being smoked or vaped. 

– Edible consumption of cannabis products are allowed. 


The smoking or vaping of recreational cannabis in a hotel, motel, or inn room will only be permitted for registered guests or invited guests of registered guests if the room is the room is designated as a smoking room, and other conditions which align with the Smoke-Free Ontario Act are met.


If you allow smoking in your hotels in a designated room it is understood you will allow guests to smoke and or vape cannabis in their room. Tourists will also be subject to these same rules. Any hotel that wishes to set a total prohibition on cannabis will need specific policies and are advised to see their legal counsel. 

Cannabis Use in Restaurants  

Not Permitted

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