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ORHMA's First Annual Ontario Hospitality Conference - November 1 & 2

Updated: Jan 29

About the event

The Ontario Restaurant Hotel & Motel Association (ORHMA) is excited to present the first annual Ontario Hospitality Conference. As the largest provincial hospitality association, ORHMA looks forward to gathering our foodservice and accommodation leaders at this event for owners and key management. Our industry is finally entering into a recovery period post-pandemic and the need to adapt to changes of the business climate is now more than ever before. Visit to learn more! What to Expect: The Ontario Hospitality Conference is a networking and educational event, bringing together accommodation and foodservice industry professionals. Over the two days of the conference, our attendees will connect with key industry leaders and suppliers, to form new contacts with industry peers and gain insights into key industry issues with actionable take-aways.

Key Topics:

THE STATE OF THE HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY IN ONTARIO ​Current, Outlook & How to Navigate the Future WORKFORCE 3 R's Recruit, Retain, Retrain KEY BUSINESS COST ELEMENTS KEEP INCREASING Insurance, Energy, Property Tax - Outlook and Strategies MUNICIPAL ACCOMMODATION TAX Making the Most of Opportunities TEMPORARY FOREIGN WORKERS A Key Strategy for Staffing Needs ROBOTS, TECH ADVANCES & APPS How New Technologies Can Help Operators Improve Productivity and Reduce Costs THE BROKEN SUPPLY CHAIN Causes, Outlook and Mitigation PRICES ARE UP, QUALITY OF GUEST EXPERIENCE IS DOWN Balancing the Consumer Value Proposition


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